Conxio is a secure communication platform that enables finnancial institutions to connect with their customers over ATMs or any other connected devices and exchange end-to-end encrypted and untraceable messages, including streaming video and sharing desktops.

Conxio is the first solution of its kind that works on HTML5 and does not require installation of any app while working on any connected device. Conxio is aligned with ISO 27001 and is capable of delivering compliance with HIPAA, SEC, FISMA-2002, internal and external certification requirements

Our Products

Interactive enhancement solution for banks' ATM infrastructure that transforms any old ATM into a user-friendly and intelligent helper by providing live help at any moment of their ATM transaction. Conxio Teller is designed to be secure and simple to set-up and maintain. It requires minimum training for bank's staff and minimal ATM hardware enhancements.

Conceptually new product providing secure audio, video and web conferencing solutions for financial institutions that value their and their customers' confidentiality and privacy. Designed utilizing the cutting-edge technologies, Conxio has an untraceable data stream and is secure by design Compliant* with HIPAA, SEC, FISMA, internal and external certification requirements.

  • Video Calls
  • Broadcasting
  • Chat
  • Integration With Call Centers
  • Ubiquitous Delivery On All Devices
  • Webinars
  • Screen Sharing
  • Load Balancing
  • Extensive Web Calls Center Statistics
  • White Label Solution

Remote Administration and Support Insightful Analytics and Usage Dashboards.

Accessibility On All Devices and Through ATMs Toll-Free Connectivity Through Internet.

Interactive And Visually Impactful, Complements Traditional Call Center Functionality.

Case Studies
Smart ATMs

Conxio Teller seamlessly integrates into a modern ATM.

An older ATM has to be equipped with a camera and a handset.

Conxio Teller is customized for each financial institution allowing various service options.

Conxio Teller can operate both with native ATM software through the proprietary API and with Web-Based terminals.

Low bandwidth consumption (0.3 MB/s per ATM) guarantees stable connection in remote locations.

Link on bank's website

A simple lightweight Conxio JavaScript allows fast and easy integration with existing Web Portals, instantly enabling interactive customer support and additional value add features.

Conxio can be integrated with any internet-enabled touchscreen. Conxio integration options include Adobe Flash app or HTML5.

On-site banking kiosks minimize wait times providing a multi-tasking vehicle to enhance consumer experience through banking efficiencies and conveniences offering real-time processing of financial transactions.

Located at retail partner locations, off-site kiosks offer an extension of the banks' brand, local accessibility and convenience to consumers in their local convenience, grocery and wholesale store locations

Apps on mobile devices, tablets and Smart TVs
Conxio mobile app is available on any internet-enabled Windows, Android and iOS device.

Conxio mobile app can be accessed from within a banking app following user authentication to allow access to real time transaction services performed by live teller.

Alternatively, for a general consultation or information about products and services, users have the option of accessing a live teller through Conxio app.

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